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We are all like minded people in this forum. And like we always believe, it’s the kind of company that we keep that ultimately matters. If air is in the company of the fragrant jasmine flower, it wafts a sweet aroma.


The intent was very clear, right from day 1. Our mission, simply put, is to collaborate and to reinforce the strong values of the Nair community amoung us. to our children. When we were growing up in Kerala or other parts of India, we had the benefit of absorbing things naturally, through osmosis. Our children do from this.


Upcoming Events

Bhajan 03/03/2018 Jayasree & Manu Home
Vishu Pulari 2018 04/15/2018 TBD
Bhajana 05/26/2018 TBD
Bhajana 6/15/2018 TBD


Isn't Bhajana another form of singing God's name? Why should you feel shy or afraid of chanting God's name? When we do the Japa. more

About Nair's

Nairs were feudal lords with an uninterrupted cultural heritage for almost two millennia. They lived in luxury, assisted the kings. more

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Vishu Pulari 2017


Student Enrichment Camp and Vishu Pulari 2017...