About NSGW

We are all like minded people in this forum. And like we always believe, it’s the kind of company that we keep that ultimately matters. If air is in the company of the fragrant jasmine flower, it wafts a sweet aroma.

The intent was very clear, right from day 1. Our mission, simply put, is to collaborate and to reinforce the strong values of the Nair community amoung us. to our children. When we were growing up in Kerala or other parts of India, we had the benefit of absorbing things naturally, through osmosis. Our children do not benefit from this.

It was a wonderful January morning in 2004 that this group of 6 people met in the outskirts of Washington, to formalize a group which ultimately came to be known as the Nair Society of Greater Washington. The rest like they say is history. On April 24, 2004 we formally registered Nair Society of Greater Washington in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Out of collaboration, comes Satsang, articulated in the form of Bhajan meets in the homes of our members. This became one of the core activities that we deliberately indulged in, as a family – elders, parents as well as kids. We conduct Bhajana meets once a month, every month. We would not be doing justice if we don’t mention the name of our very own, and New York’s very own Mr. Parthasarathy Pillai who came down to Washington to kick-off the very first Bhajana back in 2004.

Another key focus area of the organization was and continues to be the charitable aspects. We have been providing scholarships to needy children back in Kerala. In fact, in the year 2010, we will have our first graduate who was completely funded by NSGW. The funding was to the tune of $500 every year, which was more than sufficient to cover tuition and books. Our policy continues to be to sponsor atleast 1 kid to the tune of $500 per year. In the past we have also participated in several other notable charities, including delivering a check of $2,501 to Ms. Sugatha Kumari in the aftermath of the terrible tsunami that hit Kerala. NSGW played the primary role in helping a burn victim in Kerala, we provided financial and emotional assistance for a Nair youth who passed away, in sending his remains back to Kerala.

In 2009 we celebrated our 5th year of forming NSGW, in a grand fashion. NSGW can take credit for making Vishu another important celebration in the region.

We, the Nair community members in the Greater Washington region are constantly focused on the exchange of ideas, exchange of best practices with other like minded organizations in the Americas. We believe it is very important to the success of each of our groups and ultimately for our children, the next generation.